November 5, 2015



cropped-10012162166_6e611105c5_o1.jpgPoliDashboard is a free, real-time, analytics dashboard designed to help voters, members of the media, and campaign staffers to monitor Twitter conversations about Federal Politics in countries around the globe. PoliDashboard collects, analyzes, and visualizes tweets containing relevant hashtags around political discussions in real-time.

The dashboard is a product of the Ryerson University Social Media Lab at the Ted Rogers School of Management where we study online communities and develop new tools and methods for analyzing and visualizing social media data. Our aim is to provide decision makers with additional knowledge and insights into the behaviors and relationships of online network members, and to understand how these interpersonal connections influence our choices and actions. Some of the tools and apps that we are developing at the lab include Netlytic, a social media data analytic platform designed for researchers to capture, analyze and visualize conversational data from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition, we are also developing Twitter apps such as MyTweeps which is a “reverse” Twitter app that offers insights about your tweeps (people who follow you on Twitter) and their interests.


Have an idea for a dashboard? Wish we reported some other Twitter stats? We welcome comments and suggestions for improving any dashboard. If you have any questions, please contact Philip Mai (@phmai or philip.mai[at], Research and Communications Manager, Ryerson Social Media Lab.