The Pulse of the Political World

What is PoliDashboard?

Online Discussion

Gathers public tweets on online political discussions in real time


Finds meaningful patterns and trends in these discussions

Political Discourse

Visualize the results and offer actionable insights in real time

How does PoliDashboard Work?

PoliDashboard can help us make sense of our new digital 'town hall'

PoliDashboard brings three different systems together in order to measure political discourse on Twitter. The first is a data collection mechanism that collects tweets containing politically relevant hashtags in real time. The second is an indexing system that breaks up an individual tweet into 200 data points for analysis. The third is an analytics system that provides insights on the discourse happening on Twitter, and visualizes them in real time. Together, these three systems help identify and make sense of the political discussions happening on Twitter, our new digital ‘town hall’.

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